What Does ‘Muddy Dating’ Mean?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

A woman's legs with army print socks and green wellies.
Here at Muddy Matches we’ve been called all kinds of things, from ‘muddy boots dating’ to ‘muddy matters’, ‘muddy dating’ and even ‘muddy mattresses’ (by Steve’s 5-year-old son). People also question what Muddy Matches is all about; so I thought it was time to address some of their questions about ‘muddy dating’ in a blog post:

What’s the muddy ratio all about?

When taking a look around Muddy Matches you may have come across our ‘How Muddy Are You?’ quiz and wondered what it’s for. When they launched Muddy Matches, owners Emma and Lucy were looking for a tongue-in-cheek way for members to show how rural or townie they really are and that’s how the quiz came into being. Now the muddy ratio is as much a part of people’s profiles as their hobbies or interests.

Not surprisingly, most of our members are at least 50% muddy and 1% count themselves as being 100% muddy. The most common result among our members is 70% muddy, indicating that they are most comfortable in the countryside, but sometimes like to head into more urban areas.

Do I have to live in wellies to join Muddy Matches?

Although we say that Muddy Matches is a dating site and countryside friendship site, aimed at people who live a ‘muddy-boots lifestyle’, you don’t actually have to have wellington boots permanently fixed to your feet to be seen as country-minded. We’ll accept people who wear riding boots, hiking boots, and muddy boots of any kind. In fact, if you wish to join the site and have mastered the art of crossing a stile in stilettos you’ll be muddy enough to join.

Can vegetarians join?

In short, yes. We’ve even got farmers on the website who are vegetarians or vegans, so if you don’t eat meat or are looking to date a vegetarian you are in luck. On the other hand, some members are strictly ‘meat and two vege’ and like to steer clear of meat substitutes at all costs.

Do I have to do countryside pursuits?

We ask that members mention something about their love for the countryside in their profiles, but you don’t have to be a member of BASC to join Muddy Matches. However, if you are looking to date someone who enjoys countryside pursuits; from shooting and fishing, through to quad biking and horse-riding, then Muddy Matches has thousands of members who enjoy countryside sports.

I live in London, can I join?

Although London is not traditionally associated with the muddy boots lifestyle, many of our members do reside in big cities such as London. The majority of our city-dwelling members either grew up in rural areas or wish to meet people from rural areas for friendship or dating.

I work in an office, can I join?

Although we do take pride in being a farmer dating site, among other things, you don’t actually have to be a farmer to be a member of Muddy Matches. You don’t even have to work outside to show that you love the great outdoors.

So if you’re a farmer who lives in wellies or a townie who loves escaping to the countryside for a quiet walk Muddy Matches is a great place to meet like-minded people. To see for yourself, join for free today.