Dating Tips We’ve Learned from James Bond

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Black tuxedo with white shirt.

This weekend sees the cinema release of the latest James Bond Film, Skyfall, and if there’s one thing I’m willing to put money on, it’s that James Bond will woo at least one woman in this new offering.

So what can we learn from 007?

1. It’s OK to drink cocktails – He’s known for ordering his drinks ‘shaken not stirred’, which I must admit I’ve never heard in a country pub in the UK or Ireland. However, it does teach you that it’s acceptable for a man to branch away from ‘a pint please’.  When it comes to ordering, be yourself and take pride in doing so.

2. Cheekiness is fine, arrogance is not – When it comes to women, Mr Bond isn’t afraid of asking for what he wants and using a few cheeky chat up lines, but he does it with a glint in his eye that makes the ladies love him.

3. Dress to impress – 007 always looks the part, whether he’s hanging from a helicopter or speeding off in an incredibly flashy sports car. You don’t need to wear a tux on an outdoor date, but make sure that you make the effort and look the best that you can, while still fitting in with the setting of your date.

Things that only James Bond can get away with:

1. Assuming that all women fancy him – Even if you look like Daniel Craig in tight shorts, not all women will fancy you.

2. Sexist comments – No woman is going to fall for a man who is a chauvinist pig.

3. Disappearing off without any notice – No woman is going to want a man who disappears halfway through a date because his enemy has appeared on the scene.