Updating Your Relationship Status

Friday, September 14th, 2012

A man using a megaphone in a field
From good old-fashioned gossiping to the more technical world of social media, it’s pretty tricky to keep your relationship status to yourself; especially if your mother is as highly skilled at sharing information as mine is.

So when should you tell people about your new relationship and how should you go about it?

Updating your Facebook status

Facebook has developed a reputation as the place where people show the world the best aspects of their life, so it’s very tempting to announce your new relationship as soon as you’ve been out a few times, but, before you do…

  1. Make sure that you are in an exclusive relationship first; you don’t want one of your Facebook friends informing you that they have seen your new partner out on another date.
  2. Tell your close friends and family that you have met someone, as they might be upset to find out that they have been told at the same time as everyone else on your Facebook.
  3. Ask your new partner how they feel about announcing your relationship on Facebook – you may even wish to change your dating statuses at the same time.

Updating your dating profile

You have a two options for your dating profile on Muddy Matches when you start a new relationship:

  1. If you’re confident that you have found ‘the one’, then there’s only one thing for it, you should close down your online dating profile. If you choose to cancel your membership on Muddy Matches, please do tell us about your new ‘muddy match’, as we love a good success story.
  2. If it’s early days or you’re not 100% sure that you have found a partner for life, you can hide your profile on most dating sites, including Muddy Matches.

What are your dos and don’ts for announcing your relationship status? Let us know on Facebook.