How to Get Noticed Online

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

a man in a jesters maskYou’ve signed up for internet dating, uploaded a fantastic profile and a collection of photos that show you at you best…now what do you do?:

a. Sit back and wait for messages to come flooding in from other members and only check your account once a week.

b. Have a look through for people that you fancy and add them to your favourites.

c. Add people that you fancy to your favourites list, then send personalised messages to the people who you are particularly keen on.

If you’ve answered c, congratulations you can stop reading now. If you’ve answered a or b, please keep reading and I will explain how to get yourself noticed online; whether you’re a free member or a subscriber on an online dating site.

Imagine if you went out to a singles night and everyone stood with their backs to the wall, looking lovely, but not talking to each other.  Nobody would come home smiling with a telephone number in their hand. The same principle applies to online dating- if you want to meet the man or woman of your dreams you need to interact with other members. Here’s how to go about it:

Add people to your favourites

A lot of dating websites, including Muddy Matches have the facility to show other members that you are interested in them. On Muddy Matches you can add people to your favourites, while on other sites you can ‘poke’ or ‘wink’ at other members to show them that you would like to get in touch.

Although adding people to your favourites is a good way to let people know that you fancy them, it is not as effective as sending a message as they may not wish to make the first move…

Send messages to other members

If you really like someone, pluck up the courage to send them a quick message. For inspiration about what to write, take a look at our guide to writing your first message; which includes tips about personalising messages.

Remember that sending someone a message through a dating site is a safe way to contact them without giving away your personal contact details.

Never give away your email address or telephone number to someone before you get to know them through the site.

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