First Date Checklist

Thursday, August 16th, 2012
First Date Checklist

If like me, you lose the power of thought when you’re incredibly nervous you may just find it helpful to consult our handy checklist before setting off on a first date:

The practical

  • Plan your journey in advance, so that you’re not in a hurry trying to print off a map or relying on a SatNav, which might as well be pointing out a bear on your left for all the use it’s being.
  • Make sure you tell a friend where you’re going and take a look at our safety advice.
  • If you have children make sure that you find a baby-sitter that you trust so that you aren’t worried about them and having to take regular phone call breaks.
  • Make sure to save your date’s number in your phone in case you are running late.


  • I know Muddy Matches is aimed at people who don’t mind getting muddy, but make sure that you look clean on your first date; including scrubbing your nails and cleaning your teeth.
  • Make sure you wear something you feel attractive in, but are not uncomfortable in. You don’t want to spend time all your time moaning about your painful new shoes.
  • Try to plan your outfit in advance so that you aren’t flapping around trying to find your favourite pair of trousers that are at the bottom of the wash pile.
  • Don’t overdo anything– if your make up would make Pat Butcher look bare faced or if you’ve used so much aftershave that you feel a little dizzy breathing in you’re gone too far.

About them

  • Have a quick look back through their messages and their profile so that you don’t find yourself with a surprised face when your date mentions that they love the same band as you.
  • Make sure you look at their photos again; you don’t want that awkward situation of approaching the wrong person. Trust me, it can happen.
  • Contact your date in advance to make sure they’re still OK to meet up.

Last, but not least…have fun!

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