Lucky Pants and Pre-date Rituals

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Rusty horseshoe resting on clover

Preparing for your first date with someone you’ve never met can be pretty nerve-wracking, so we asked around to find out what pre-date rituals friends and family perform to make them feel at their best. Luckily nobody mentioned any Something About Mary style preparations, so what were the most common answers?

Lucky pants

It seems that lucky pants aren’t just a TV myth;  both men and women swore that they felt happiest on a date when they were wearing their old faithfuls.  They may not be pretty, but there’s nothing more comforting then comfort itself.

Flex those muscles

Unsurprisingly, it was my male friends who admitted to fitting in some last minute press-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups before meeting their date, so that they could look at their best to impress their date. They might just be on to something too, as exercising can help to counteract the adrenaline rush associated with pre-date nerves.

Relaxing in the bath

Those who preferred a more relaxing way to prepare for their date said that having a bath was the ultimate way to get ready and calm their pre-date nerves. There’s also the added bonus of smelling nice when you arrive. Just be careful that you don’t apply too much fragrance after your bath, as it’s one of the biggest dating faux pas.

Looking your best

Both men and women were keen to look their best on a first date and pre-date rituals included buying a new outfit, getting a new haircut and applying ‘just the right amount of make-up’.

Catherine said “I’m not normally a girly-girl; but when it comes to going on a date I feel so much better if I’m looking at my very best, so I always get a new top, put on make-up and do my hair nicely”.

However, you don’t need to rush out and spend a fortune to look good. Both men and women were keen to borrow something nice from their friends to save money.

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