Keeping your profile fresh and relevant – Photos

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Rapids in bright sunlight to show freshness
If you’ve been on a dating site for a while, or have recently re-activated your account at Muddy Matches, it might be the right time for you to think about re-vamping your profile. In this blog post we’ll look into ways to update your photos and suggest good reasons why you might wish to do so.

We’ve already written about how important it is to add a photo to your online dating profile, but it is also important to keep those photos fresh and seasonal! As a general rule, we recommend you add a hearty selection of additional photos that tell people more about you, alongside what they can see from the now mandatory, clear head and shoulders main photo.

When choosing which photos to display, you might wish to consider:

Selecting the best main photo

When you created your profile, did you add your best photo for your main photo or did you choose any old picture, thinking “I’ll update that later when I get the chance”? If it’s the latter, ask a friend to take a good head-shot.

However, if you don’t get the perfect shot, it’s important to remember that any photo is better than no photo at all, as people like to see who they are talking to.

Asking a third party

Find someone who can give an objective opinion on your photos and ask them to choose your Main Photo. Take their advice, even if you don’t like the picture that they chose! Go on, humour them. For example, you might have added a main photo of you looking sultry and mysterious; and they may choose a main photo that shows off your cheeky smile, attracting a different kind of person to your profile. You never know, your alternative Main Photo might even attract Mr or Mrs Right.

If you’re on Muddy Matches, and you would like someone to look over your pictures, remember we are always at the end of the phone and are happy to help you to pick the best Main Photo for your profile.

The age of the photo

If it’s been a while since you changed your profile picture, or you have just had a bit of a makeover, ask a friend to take a photo to show off your new look. You don’t want your date to be looking out for someone with long brown hair if it’s now short and blonde.

While we’re on the subject of age, make sure that you use a recent photo, no matter how good you looked 10 years ago.

Additional photos

Play around with additional photos and add as many as you like: has your dog just had a litter of puppies?  Been somewhere great on holiday recently?  Quite proud of your latest fancy dress efforts?  Taken up a new activity? Why not share a photo on your profile?

Remember that each additional photo you add is a potential ice-breaker or topic of conversation for someone thinking about contacting you.

If you are a Muddy Matches member you can send your photos to us; we can help you to choose the best main photo and additional photos and we can also crop and re-size photos.

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