Country Calendar

Take a look to see what countryside events are going on in your region. We've listed everything from game fairs and horse races to farming shows and national sporting events...many of which would make an excellent muddy date!

If you know of any annual rural events that we haven't listed, drop us an email at and let us know. We can't promise to add all suggestions but we will always consider them.


At present there are no upcoming events listed for this month/region.

If there's an event you like us to add please let us know by writing to us at

Past Events in the South East

Kimblewick Point-to-Point

02 May 20

Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire

Mid Surrey Farmers Drag Point-to-Point

03 May 20

Godstone, Surrey

Surrey Union Point-to-Point

16 May 20

Peper Harow, Surrey

Berks & Bucks Draghounds Point-to-Point

24 May 20

Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire