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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 Featured, Food and Drink, General

Spring Foraging in London

Foraging photoForaging conjures up images of roaming through countryside picking blackberries and elderflower to make sugary treats, so I must admit I was curious when The Caravan Club invited me (MM’s Heather) to Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site in South East London to attend a foraging event. It all made sense though when I got there and found out that the Abbey Wood site (as the name suggests) is surrounded by beautiful woodland.

When everyone had arrived at the caravan site, Dr Monica Wilde who runs Napiers (one of the oldest natural healthcare and herbal medicine companies in Britain) gave us an introduction to the day ahead and explained why spring is the best time of year for foraging. › Continue reading

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Monday, March 24th, 2014 Featured, Our Members

Spring Success Stories

To celebrate the start of spring, we thought it would be nice to put together some of our favourite success stories of the year so far.

A great start to the year

The year got off to a wonderful start as our  success stories inbox filled with lots of happy couples getting in touch. One of the first success stories of the year came in from James and Anastasia and had a beautiful wedding photo attached. James and Anastasia’s story came through two years after they first met in January 2012 and told us of their happy wedding day in 2013.

Anastasia and James on their wedding day

Anastasia and James on their wedding day

Another great January success story came in from James and Lizzy, who were dating skeptics before finding love on Muddy Matches. They said: “Having both been very dismissive about dating websites in the past we both now say that ‘what if I hadn’t sent you that message on Muddy Matches’?! So thank you Muddy Matches it worked for us!”

Then came Steve, who was delighted to have found an ‘amazing girl’ who loved farming just as much as he did. Rebecca told us how she had met her husband on the site in 2012 and was ‘busy being extremely happy’ in their new home together in 2014. Cathy and Nigel wrote to us to say that they were just like ‘love sick teenagers’ and had found their soul mate in one another.

Fantastic February

Our favourite February success story highlighted one the best things about joining a niche dating website. Nicola told us about how she had met her ‘Prince Charming’ and said:

“I signed up with two other sites and yourselves after my third solo valentines. I didn’t have any success with the other two and to me they felt too big and impersonal, whereas yours seemed small and friendly. That doesn’t really make sense because that would indicate you run a smaller site with fewer members, which I don’t believe is true!”

Laura also praised Muddy Matches, saying; “Thank you for such a great site, I am happy to recommend your site to everyone who asks how me met.” › Continue reading

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Thursday, December 5th, 2013 Featured, General, Muddy Matches

Welcome to the New Muddy Matches Website

The homepage of the new Muddy Matches website, featuring 4 friends in country attire.

The Muddy Matches website has had a face lift!  Behind the scenes, we have spent a good part of this year working on a fresher-feeling and mobile-friendly website; we hope you like it!

So what can you expect from the new website?

Mostly, the changes have been aesthetic.  You will notice that we have gone for a much cleaner look, which is more in line with what people expect from a website these days; as much as we loved our old website, the original design work was done in 2006 and it was starting to show!

These days, we like to access our accounts on the go and so the other major change is that the new website is fully “responsive”, meaning that you can easily access it from any device, be that the dusty old desktop computer in the farm office, or the latest whizzy tablet.  Those accessing the site from a mobile device will notice a more “app-like” experience without the need to download a specific app – we do of course still have our own dedicated iPhone and Android apps for those who prefer this.

There are no new features as such at this stage, but we have been tweaking what we have already got to try and improve the user experience.  You will notice, for example, that the messaging system has been completely overhauled and, with all the conversations between you and another person now on one page, we think you will find it much easier to keep tabs on what you have said to whom!

We’re here to help

We hope that you will find your way around the new site easily and get to grips with any of the functionality changes without a problem.  However, if you are struggling with anything, please remember that you can get in touch with our Customer Care team who will be happy to help you.  Please write to

Technical issues

We have tested and tested the new website until we are blue in the face and are happy with what has been released.  However, there is always a chance that we have missed something, or that version 8.4 of one particular browser throws up a weird bug on a certain device that we haven’t spotted.  Therefore, if there is anything that doesn’t seem right or that is affecting your user experience, please let us know and we will try to resolve it as soon as we can.  Please report any technical issues to

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Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 Featured, General, Media, TV Opportunities

Would You Like to be in the Press?

Old fashioned TV camera

We regularly receive requests from newspaper, magazine, radio and TV journalists look for people to feature in pieces about online dating.

If you would like to be considered for future press requests, please email us with your contact details, age, and whether you are looking for love or have found love on Muddy Matches.

It’s a great opportunity to promote your own business or cause as well as getting your 5 minutes of fame.

We will not pass on your details to anyone without contacting you first!

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