What to Wear in the Heat

Thursday, June 1st, 2017
What to Wear in the Heat

In the UK and Ireland we are not likely to get scorching temperatures, but when it starts to heat up we can still suffer from sweaty armpits and dressing dilemmas. Here are a few tips for keeping cool on your first date.

Wear a t-shirt under your shirt

If you are wearing a shirt and are prone to perspiration, try wearing a cotton t-shirt underneath it to stop your sweat from reaching your outer layer.

Don’t wear grey

Certain colours show up perspiration more than others. Grey and pastel colours are the worst offenders, while white and black are the best colours to wear.

Patterns are also a good option as they help to disguise stains. However, it’s probably best to outlandish patterns on a first date, so stick to something subtle.

Do go for a loose fit

Loose fitting clothes help you to keep cool and there’s less chance of sweat marks. If you want a more fitted look, aim for clothing that is loose around your armpits, but tighter fitting in other areas.

Shorts are acceptable in some places

Shorts may not be acceptable in up-market venues, but if you are meeting in a country pub, or another type of informal venue it is admissible to wear a smart pair of shorts. For example, chino shorts, or city shorts can be dressed up for a date, whereas sports shorts make you look like you haven’t made the effort for your date.

Avoid wearing flip flops

Flip flops aren’t a good look for a first date unless you happen to be heading to the beach. Sandals without socks can look nice if you have well cared for feet.

Anti-chaffing products

If you are wearing shorts, a skirt, or a dress that leaves your thighs exposed, you might wish to consider using an anti-chaffing product when the temperature begins to rise.

It might sound a bit excessive, but you don’t want to be walking along with your legs wide apart so as to avoid your thighs rubbing together.